Application Catalog “Cannot Connect to Server” Error

Hi All,

today i got in to a Application Catalog error and tried the WCF and .Net 4.0 installation and enabling trick. but still its not working.

as a workaround i modified the SQL String in IIS. below is the steps to do that check if this resolves your issue.

my SQL is running in Named Instance with different ports.


Note: Any Changes to Connection String will be overwritten to Default settings, post SCCM server restart.


1. open IIS -> Expand “Sites” -> Expand “Default Web Site” -> Just Click on “CMApplicationCatalogSvc”

2. in the Features View -> Double Click “Connection String”

3. Right Click on “Default” -> Click “Edit”

4. Check the string and remove domain name

Example :

Before = Data\SCCMDB

After = Data Source=Server2\SCCMDB

5. Click OK and refresh the Application Catalog webpage and check if that works.

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